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Hello to everyone, Happy new year. today had a good app with my consultant and he has changed meds to sulfa & Leflunomide? this is a new one on me aint much chat about it has anyone got any vibes on the matter any info would be great well i will tell you all how this one goes.
later Handsy. 8)


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    Hi handsy, I have been on sulpha for years, it appears to control the P bit of my PA but has done little for the A. I tried leflunomide years ago but had to stop due to crippling headaches. Remember we are all different and this could be the combo to work for you: I hope so. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi handsy
    Glad your appointment went well.
    I am on leflunomide , have been for a few years no side effects.(touch wood).
    Also mtx and others.
    Hope it works for you
    juliepf x
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    Hi John

    I do hope it works for you. You do so deserve some luck don't you?

    It is a DMARD hopefully safer for you than the methotrexate was eh?


    toni xx

    Del - I love your ant x:wink:
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    HI John

    good luck with the Leflunomide and the Sulpha.
    I believe that they can be a very effective combo, though I haven't taken them together, as the sulpha did little for me in the end.

    I did take Leflunomide for 2 years, and I can honestly say that I was grateful for it, as it did help me a lot. I know someone else who takes this rather than MTX, and she has been very impressed with it too.

    DOnt' worry if you get stomach upsets at first with the LEf .... i found that the problems were partly solved by the high codeine dose i was on, and after a couple of weeks my body adapted and things were fine after that.

    sadly I had to stop taking the Leflunomide, but I really hope that it will work for you.

    wonky xxx
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    Hi John,

    I hope the new meds work for you.
    Fingers crossed that you will feel the benefit soon.
    You have been through such a lot so I do hope this is a turning point for you.

    Lv, Ix