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Hello to all, I have to have a winge about arthur, this week he has crept into places he has not been before, he is not content on staying in one place, Monday/Tuesday he was in my left hip, then on tuesday evening he moved away from hip into my left elbow, yesterday evening the swelling has gone from elbow even though still a little sore, he has now decided he would take over my middle/ring and small finger knuckles, in my right hand, he is so unselted and creeping into places he has not been before. I had my third injection of Humiru last friday, so I am supprised I am getting this. Hugs to you all. x



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    Arthritis is a progressive disease and it does enjoy finding new bits to play with. Humira and the other anti TNFs do not stop this happening: one of their great 'promises' is that they slow the progress of the disease. Yeah, right. Humira is ny third bash at a biologic and I can honestly say that whilst it has reduced my inflammatory markers to virtually nothing (and having had them close to the 180s on a regular basis that is not to be sniffed at) I have still flared regularly and I have continued to add more affected joints to my total. As far as I am concerned these drugs promise the world, but deliver very little. I realise, however, that I would be a darn site worse off without it/them, just because they aren't doing what I WANT them to do doesn't mean they ain't working. Stick with it chinup, let's hope it starts working better for you, and soon. I think you have only recently begun, like stlucia, and these things can take time. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Chinup
    I am sorry I cant help with any advice, but I do hope that things settle down very soon , and you will feel some benefit.
    Sending you some hugs (((((((())))))
    Barbara x
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    What makes you think arther is a 'he'?

    I think of arther as 'a n other', I suppose the name has male connotations?

    x8) Its a grin, honest!
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    Hi chinup
    I agree with you arthur is a he :lol:
    Sorry that he is moving around your body and can't decide to stay in one place, hope he settles down soon and makes it more bearable for you
    sending hugs
    take care
    juliepf x
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    Hi Chinup

    Arthur is a bad person whatever his/her gender - he/she is sneaky and insidious too. So there!

    Have you tried telling him/her to naff off?

    Airwave any relationship between those such as yourself (of the male persuasion) and the 'male'ness of Arthur is purely coincidental and not meant to reflect upon yourself or any other NICE men we have using theses forums. :grin:

    They/you are lovely and would not be likley to have such negative personality traits as the 'Arthur' previously mentioned by anyone on here.....

    Love (grovelingly)Toni xx
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    Hi Jean. It does help to think of arthur as a person and, my, he does get around doesn't he? He's managed to visit just about everywhere as far as I'm concerned and has currently taken up serious residence in hips, back, ankles and shoulders, though that doesn't stop him visiting other places. He has a remarkable ability to be in several places at once, making his presence strongly felt in one place while staying more in the background in others.

    We've been together a long time. Sometimes he wins and then I just take my painkillers and go to sleep. Other times I shout and him and tell him he's not going to spoil my life and stop me doing things. On the whole we kind of negotiate. A bit like a marriage really I suppose. I've been lucky in that he hasn't been so mean to me as to many people and I've been able to get on with my life despite him. Do hang on in and very best wishes.