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Hi, I’m Phil, I’m 43 and have recently been diagnosed with OA in my knees. I always seem to have had “dodgy” knees probably because I’ve lead quite a sedentary life, that is until about 3 years ago when I took the drastic step of starting military style training. This was due to increasing weight and the need to do something about it. To my great surprise I fell in love with it and lost three and a half stone. Unfortunately I fell quite badly and started finding it difficult to train to the same intensity. Luckily I have medical insurance through work and managed to get an MRI which confirmed the OA. Since then I’ve had arthroscopy on both knees to clean them up. I’m now on the lookout for tips and advice on how to manage my condition so that I can continue training and keep the weight down.


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    Welcome to the forum , Phil , lots of friendly people on here to share tips and advice with ; make yourself at home . Jilly
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    Hello and welcome from me too!

    Love Tilly xxx