Shoulder replacement

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Has anyone any experience of shoulder replacement surgery. I am due to have one in early February but I'm feeling nervous about it. I have already had a knee replacement 7 years ago so i know the drill but....... ?
Thanks :???:


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    Not really heard of that before but just wanted to say best of luck with it..
    Someone on here will come along and hopefully be of more use than me :shock: :lol:

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    Hi Carol.

    welcome to posting, they are a good lo here.

    Someone has had but you know I can't remember who it is but hopefully they will see your post and come in.

    Its bound to make you a bit nervous flower but hang in there cus it will be so much better for you one its been done. Nice to meet you and what date do you go in? Cris x
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    Hi carol
    Don't know about shoulder replacements
    Just want to wish you luck for february and hope that it a big success.
    Take care
    juliepf x
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    I have had a " shoulder replacement " , in my right shoulder. I was in the worse pain Iv'e ever had, a real nightmare.
    Anyway, had it done 3 years ago, and have had no problems since.
    They shave the inside of your shoulder joint, and replace the lining of the joint. The operation can be a real success these days. I was out of hospital within a one night stay.
    For 48 hours, it is very painfull afterwards, and you have to have morphine overnight.
    You will have to wear a sling for about 3 weeks, and do exercises for about 6 weeks . Good Luck Alanthemanc
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    Just wanted to wish you luck.

    Alan has given you great advice there :smile:


    toni xx
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    Thanks for all your good wishes. The op is being done on 9th February. Ugh. I am having what is called a total shoulder replacement. It's 4 days in hospital 6-8 weeks in a sling & the heaviest thing I can lift is a cuppa for several
    I had my knee done 7 years ago so I suppose it will be 3 another months before I can drive. But if it helps to get rid of the pain it will be worth it.
    Roll on the summer I need some heat on my old bones lol
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    It's a big thing, having an operation like that, but think of the long-term benefit: it has to be worth the short-term inconvenience. I hope it all goes smoothly for you - keep in touch and let us know how you get on! I wish you well. DD
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