Mild OA

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Can anyone tell me what is meant by mild OA as it does not feel mild to me :???:. Also how does it stand with the blue badge scheme when you can have good periods where you don't need a stick and really bad periods where you rely on your stick as walking is too painful. As at the moment I am going through one of those bad periods with my knee and I have been given a blue badge. I know with OA you can have really good periods too, I hope mine is soon :lol: . Basically I will not use my blue badge when im on a good period, I just wondered if you had to send them back or something, if your condition improved.


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    Hi Ann

    Mild Osteoarthritis is usually something doctors say when there is moderate amount of damage to cartilage in the joint. The use of a Blue Badge is not dependent on the use of your sticks it is more about the fact that you have pain and difficulty walking any great distance.
    You would only need to send your Blue Badge back if you no longer felt you would ever need it again and your mobility was totally restored.

    I hope that clears things up for you.

    Best wishes

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    Thank you very much for your answer it has helped a great deal as I was under the impression that the blue badge only applied if you used a walking aid. Unfortunately I dont think I will be sending it back anytime soon :lol: . Well not until I am much older as too young for a knee replacement yet.
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    Hi anne49, I have had a BB for years now, and on the odd occasion things are not too bad I don't use it, even tho I still need my crutches to walk. On the better days I can slide out of my car door in a normal parking spot, that's the difference! I wish you well. DD