cervical spondylosis

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does anyone on here have cervical spondylosis and if so do you get tinnitus from it from time to time??. I figure that's what's causing mine it's really howling right now but then tomorrow it could well be almost silent, odd but it's been getting louder the last 6 months when it does come out to play, no point going to me GP I guess, I mean what can he do about it anyway, he can't turn it on and off now can he!.


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    I don't have the cervical spondy mell, but I do have the tinnitus, as a result of taking sulphasalazine: what meds are you on - and is it listed as a side effect? DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi Mel,
    Sorry you have that..... I don't get it but when I was young they did a lot of work to my ears to restore hearing (which thankfully worked) and know the noises thing is horrible.

    I don' know if its coming fro the neck....

    I think its a good ides to see the gp cus it might be a side effect like DD said and that might be balanced better? Cris xx
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    Hi Mel,
    I have cervical spondylosis and every now and then I get like a 'click' in my ear and then a loudish buzzing noise.

    It's only been going on for last few months but definately getting louder.

    Take care.