could it be JRA?

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Hi all , my daughter is 4 years old from one week ago she was good but she woke up and cried a lot and complain from her right ankle, but there was no heat and it was not swollen , I gave her Junifen for two days , after two days she woke up and complain this time and points on her left knee and also with out any swollen and with out any heat or stress ,could this be JRA? Specially that her brother has it and is there any early test? Thanks in advance.


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    Oh dear, I do not know, I don't know how it starts in children, I hope some of the parents spot this and can advise. Could she be trying to get some attention from you? It must be very difficult for the siblings of an ill child - obviously the poorly one will receive a great deal of attention and perhaps she is feeling just a little left out. Juggling the needs of ill and well children must be very, very hard at times, especially when they are younger. Do her brother's affected joints have heat and swelling? I hope she and her brother are OK today, and you too: this cannot be easy for you at all. DD
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    Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter being unwell. My arthritis started when I was 4 and it started in my ankles and knees. They were hot and swollen and I wasn't really able to walk but everyone is different. People may have similarities with their condition but everyone is affected differently. When my joints became painful and swollen my mum and dad had such a trouble trying to get my diagnosed. I think it took about a year and a half for them to finally come up with something. The doctors kept saying I had infections and stuff which was obvious rubbish. My parents kept going to the hospital over and over until something was done. So I would suggest talk to your GP for some tests and if your not happy then go to your local A&E. This is just what my parents done. I'm 18 now so there are probably better ways to go about it but hopefully one of the mums in this site will come and let you know what they think.
    Hope this was just a little help.
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    Hi sorry to hear she is not well. The start of JIA is different for everyone. If she has not had a fall and it persists I would suggest taking her to the gp asap. Not all children with JIA significantly swell, my 8 year old never has, which is one of the reasons why it was left undetected by the doctors from the age of 2 till she was 7!!! She is now treated and doing tons better.
    Good luck and feel free to come back