Flu jab and methotrexate... Same day?

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Hi all, I got my first flu jab this Monday morning... But This Monday wil be my 5th week of starting meth... Will it be cool to take same day? Or shall I take meth Sunday or defer to tuesday?
(unfortunately it's only just occured to me) and the GP's closed and no reply at the rheumatolgy dept....

Many thanks for any advice, I'm new to this lark...

Happy new year to all.



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    Hi Phil,

    Why don't you phone your local pharmacist they should be able to advise you?
    Love, Legs x
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    I have never had meth and flu jabs on the same day, on the advice of my rheumatology team. As both were done on a Wednesday I missed a week of meth, with no adverse effects. We cannot tell you what the best course is, you need to talk to your rheumatology team, or possibly your GP, to see what their thinking is. NHS Direct might also be able to help. I hope you can sort something, but if in doubt, hold off on the meth, that is what I would do. DD
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    Hey that's an interesting question!

    I fear you will find that just like the folic acid question, the answers will vary from team to team :roll:

    I know this because I have ALWAYS had my MTX injection at the same time as my flu jab :shock: and that was having asked for advice too!

    you couldn't make it up could you :roll: :roll: :roll: