When did we get This?

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Hi gang,
When can anyone say they got RA. I have been trying to work this out, When I was little I can remember Pains in my hands and legs. It came off and on and I would be told growing pains. Now as I talk to my mam she says to me I think you have had this illness for a really long time? I was dianosed in 93 only because i complained and complained about This I have had Pain all my life as I remember anyone have any responce to this?

Oh I start Luflormide wednesday so am going for a pint today with my Dad. OOh lucky me haha


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    I definitely began the arthritis in April 97. Mine is PA, not RA, but I have had problems with an over-active immune system for my entire life. I hope the leflunomide works for you. DD
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    Mine seemed to start just after my son was born in 1999. I went trampolining trying to have fun and get back into life at the local gym where the you play with your children (I have another son 15 months older).
    However I have had tennis elbow in both since 91. They got worse and worse until they were almost at right angles and I had to give up my gymnastics at this point.

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    My knee pain started in July but i remember having pains in my feet for sometime before that. I always just assumed it was because i was on my feet all day for work and only wore pumps and not really 'comfy' shoes.

    When i had my ultrasound scan at my first rheumatology appt, they said it looked like the RA had started in my feet a while back as there was damage to the lining of one of my joints on my right foot. That pain all made sense then so God knows when mine first started!!
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    You know John

    you are right - I think it started quite recently, but there were signs much much longer ago than that....

    Good luck with the new meds I will be crossing my fingers it works and enjoy your pint :wink:


    Toni xx
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    Hi John
    I am 60 but when I was in my teens, I was taken backwards and forwards to the doctors with what they said was rheumatics, I do wonder if it was related to my OA.
    Barbara x
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    Hi John,

    I had a massive flare in 1986 immediately after the birth of my second son that was the onset of my RA. It wasn't till later I remembered I had hip pain occasionally as a child and my wrists would also swell from time to time. The signs were there we just weren't looking :shock: :grin:
    Love, Legs x
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