Another Cold!

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I shouldn't really complain as this is the first full week that i haven't taken any painkillers, had very little joint pain and have several times even forgot i have RA! But i have my second cold since treatment started 4 weeks ago! Maybe it's because due to my obviously over-active immune system, I'm NEVER usually ill, I haven't had a cold in about 3 years. I'm just hoping this isn't going to be a regular occurrence now that my immune system has been compromised by the DMARDS I'm taking. It kind of takes the shine off feeling so well in myself otherwise! :-(


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    Hi Cez :sad:

    Sorry about the cold :sad:

    Hope it naffs off soon so you can enjoy the RA reprieve!!

    I am getting over one too and reckon it's been agood while since I last had one too - maybe even years....!


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    Hi Cez,
    I'm glad the dmards seem to be working and you are joint pain free!, I think it's inevitable that the amount of times us Arthritis sufferers are at Dr's or hospital appts we are exposed to more bugs etc, we will pick up more with our low immune systems. I'm on Sulphasalazine and methotrexate and i have to say since starting on them back in march 2010 I've only had pleurisy thankfully! I wish you well and hope you get over your cold and remain joint pain free! all the best Poppy X
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    I think you have been very unlucky, cez. I am on humira, meth and sulph and haven't had a cold for yonks. I hope yours goes soon. I am very envious about the lack of pain etc - that must be lovely and I hope it lasts a good long while for you. DD
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    Hi Cez, there are SO many bugs and lurgies around at the moment - not surprised you have caught one (or two) ... hope you feel better soon.

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