Things looking up

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Hi everyone, hope you're all as well as can be. At long last things are starting to look up, my depression is starting to lift, I've got an appointment about my cataract, 10th March and my daughter is getting married in April, so something to look forward to. I'm making the cake and the ring cushion, so things to take my mind off other stuff. :grin::grin::grin:

Love Sue x


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    That is lovely news, nice to hear... I think that's two weddings coming up now... Will I get away with wearing the same suit if I put a different tie on?! Lol

    Keep on smiling nanasue... :grin:
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    Hi Sue,
    Great that the cataract is before the'll see things so much more clearly. You dont realise how dull things are before having them done.
    All colours seemed so bright to me, green grass etc.
    It has its downside as well......I looked in the morror and thought.....look at all those wrinkles.... :lol::lol: put things back the way they were.....LOL My lovely daughter said Mam thats what we've been looking at for years!!!!!!! How is she still alive.....reaches her 30th birthday in 10 days time....That in itself is a miracle :lol::lol: {that I havent strangled her a long time ago}
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    Nanasue, that is good news. Onwards and upwards!!

    Have you chosen your outfit?

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    Hi nanasue
    I am glad you are starting to feel much better.
    You also have the wedding in april to keep your mind occupied.
    My Daughter also gets married in april and that is distracting me as i will be seeing sugeon in may about by op.
    It's getting close now isn't it and very exciting
    I am so glad also that you will be able to see more clearly.
    You take care
    love juliepf x
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    Hello nanasue, that is so good to hear. I am pleased that things are picking up for you - it is about time that they did, it's been a long road, yes? I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben