my mun suffering with arthritis

jackadee Member Posts: 2
Hi, just joined-out of desperation really- needing to help my mum and dad(coping with my mum suffering with osteoarthritis!)
My mum is 74-been suffering really badly with arthritis for a very long year- took the doc a while to say what it was. She was in a lot of pain for a long while- had lots of scans, blood tests for about a year to rule things out and they have come to the conclusion that it is osteoarthritis! finally she has had both hips injected with the steroid injection, still in pain. it may take a bit of time to sort itself out apparently? but she is still in a lot of pain, unable to walk without a stick and to walk very far which is very sad as she used to walk with my dad quite a bit.i guess what i want to know is - what else can we do? she is also on warfarin(a clot found when in hospital in the summer awaiting a consultation),and is on thyroid medication too!!she does take paracetemol and has pain relief patches which help a bit. would Glucosamine help/certain foods added to diet?anything anyone can suggest we do would be a great help.I will also put my dad in touch with this forum- it might help him too.thanks