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Newbie here, Diagnosed with RA 2 years ago, luckily it's not too aggressive and developing slowly, currently on plaquenil and Metho (+the usual painkillers lol) and feeling much less pain since starting the mtx but ups and downs. Living in Brussels, working full time and single mum of a two year old toddler, there's been a lot of reevaluating of priorities with this condition!

I look forward to chatting with you all :smile:


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    Morning toony, it's nice to meet you and to hear that you are generally coping with it all. Hopefully the meth will slow the progress of the RA, I think that is what it is meant to do! I have PA (like RA but with the added bonus of skin trouble) and am also on meth, (injected) with a few other bits and pieces too. I hope you find the forum a good place to be: we understand the problems, the ups and the downs and we do our best to help and support. LWA is the place for all the medical/treatments/hints/help etc, the other forums are self-explanatory. I hope you have better weather in Brussels than I have here in the East of England - it's dark and raining! I wish you well. DD
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    Welcome from me too toony.. It's as miserable as sin here in West Yorkshire too.. The damp is my nemesis... Grrrrr, lol

    Hope you are well today. :grin:
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    Hello Toony and welcome from me too!

    I am glad that the meds seem to be helping your RA but I can imagine that being mum to an active toddler is quite a challenge with RA!

    You will be made most welcome here on the forum and I know that there are others out there who are juggling children, work and RA (not literally :grin: ) so you will be in good company.

    Love Tilly xxx