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i am now able to think about my new diagnosis of arthritis in my sacral joints without wanting to cry only to wake up today with a hot, swollen, red very sore toe around the middle joint.
It started weidly as an itchy sore pain, and is now hot, throbbing, red and painful. i am sero negative in my joints and although I get the pain and stiffness I dont get inflammation like this( except in my back) Does this sound like a flare in this toe joint ????? with my luck it will probably drop off :lol: xxxx


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    My husband has the occasional bout of gout in his big toe and it looks like that. My toes swell with PA but they do not turn particularly red. Which toe is it? If it doesn't go down then go and see your GP - arthritis can move from joint to joint, sometimes quite rapidly so don't wait for it to sort itself out - that's never a good idea! I wish you well. DD
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