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[i have recently put a claim in for employment and support allowance on the 17 dec and had to stop my claim for jsa up untill now i have heard nothing from them and have gone with out money scince if i have no money i cannot travel or phone i worrie as i have a 12 year old to support any one who can help i have recently been diagnosed with arthiritis and fed up


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    This might not be what you want to hear, but 'be patient'. A lot of these government related issues often take time, and it's not uncommon to wait over a month. After all they have to check records and contact your doctor. But I wouldn't worry if that's possible. I'm sure you'll hear something soon, if not then get in touch with them.

    Best of luck.
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    I can't help you with the specific things you ask, but I can suggest that you ring the Arthritis Care helplines people tomorrow, and they may well be able to talk these things through with you.

    They are a really friendly bunch, know what living with arthritis is like, and if they don't know the answer they can usually give you info about people who would be able to help you.

    If you ring from a BT landline then the call is free - the number is on the top right hand corner of every page on this site. They are open from 10 am - 4pm, or you can email them at

    hope that helps & good luck!

    WONky xxx
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    Don't forget that the country ground to a halt over Christmas and the New Year. Your claim went in on 17/12, which was a Friday. Today is only the sixteenth working day since then, and absolutely no Government department can get anything done in a mere 16 days (unless it's to do with awarding themselves a pay rise, that makes greased lightning look like a tortoise). SaitenMar was quite right, these things do take a while. I agree with wonky, ring the helpline for information, they do have a wealth of general knowledge about such matters and even if they cannot directly help, they can probably tell you who can. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi rammstein

    If you are on your own witha dependant child you should get on to your local benefits agency and ring them for advice or help. I dont think they 'can' leave you without any income at all :x What about ringing CAB for advice. I know ESA can be slow, but it if it would be your only income then it si urgent.


    toni xx
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    Without delay phone them up and ask for a crisis loan/budget, this will give you money to get by until everything is sorted out!

    I hope it gets resolved soon