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is there any excisis that i can do that will not be so painful and not tire me out and also strenghten my back and leg muscles ow and my ra effects my legs, plevis? or shouldnt i bother with it?


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    Exercise can be beneficial and will only wear you out if you do too much of it. Everyone is different in what they can manage and do, and we cannot advise you on such matters: well we can, but we probably shouldn't! Do some research on-line, ask your GP for advice, ring the helpline here, they may well have leaflets/information on exercise that they can send to you. DD
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    morning Darren and DD

    DD is right you need to be careful with how much exxercise you do...
    Talk to your gp.. maybe they can do a referral to physio, who know teh limits on exercises and will be able to advise you properly..
    Let us know hoe you get on...
    You at college today?? what are you studying??

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    Hi Darren

    We should all do some form of exercise to keep moving but I would not advise you what to do, because I do not know your medical history. I would ask your GP or ask the helplines today if you call them.

    I do stretching exercises every day, hula hoop, static bike, and ride my bike locally. Since having my knees replaced I enjoy walking too.

    Elna x
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    Hi darren

    there are exercises which you can get off tis site 9range of movement) which we should all try to do even at our worst as best we can.

    I think it's in the publications bit.


    Toni xx

    PS I also swim when i can :smile:
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    hi everyone one :grin:
    tracy i am studying law and public services this one need me to do moverment :sad: and i have just been refard to psyso by my foot specilist so i will deof ask them :grin:
    dd and elna thanks for reminding me about the helpline i totaly forgott i have the memory span of a goldfish :lol:
    and thanks toni i will have a look at that now

    thanks all :grin:
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    Hi, I hope you find the exercises you want, but be careful. Don't go at it like mad and hurt yourself, thats what I do!
    Take care, love Sue
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    Hi Darren
    You seem to have been given lots of advice, I just want to welcome you to the forum, we all like to support one another, so I do hope you stay with us.
    Barbara x