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I have just been told that i have arthritis in my hip i am 37 years old..... i need a hip replacement and am scared to be honest.....any comments would be gratefully received .. thanks :roll:


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    hello and welcome i have just not long since been dignosed myself, sorry to hear about the opp and stuff and i am sure everthing will be fine, you will soon learn that the people are great here and have loads of advice to offer also would just like to say that the helpline is great you should ring them they will do everything they can to help :grin:

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    Hi Sallyb,

    Welcome to the forum. It’s always a bit scary to think you need an op, especially if you’ve only just found out you have arthritis and even more so if you’ve not had an op before, but hip replacements are routine these days and can make a huge difference to your life. I’ve got a couple of not-particularly-new ones and they’re great.

    I’m sure the Helpline Team will be able to give you much better advice than me. My own two ‘musts’ are (a)Never to watch any hospital soaps the week before I go in! (Remember the writers are trying to dredge up every potential complication for maximum dramatic effect – it’s not real) and (b) Work like mad at the post-op exercises and don’t slacken off when you get home.

    The hip replacement is a brilliant op. Go for it and think of all you’ll be able to do again afterwards.
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    Hii Sally,
    Thanks for getting in touch. I'm not surprised that you're finding all this rather scary. Having a hip replacement doesn't feature on most people's "things I want to have done by the time I reach 40" lists.
    It's completely natural to feel alarmed at the prospect of having surgery, especially when you've only just been diagnosed with arthritis in your hip and are still taking in that diagnosis.
    It's quite unusual to be told that you need a replacement at the same time as receiving the diagnosis, most people experience hip pain which gradully gets worse long before they're told they'd be suitable candidates for a replacement. And a lot of surgeons are quite cautious about doing this surgery on someone of your age.
    Do you know if it was an orthopaedic surgeon that said you need a hip replacement? Did you have a full examination and x-rays/MRI?
    And did they discuss with you the types of replacement that are available or any alternatives to surgery? Sorry for all the questions but the more you can tell us about how things are for you, the better informed our response will be. Also the more you aware you are of your options, the less frightening it can seem.
    If you feel it would be easier to talk about it then please give us a call
    on the freephone.
    Best wishes