Tips to find a good doctor?

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Hi everyone,
I have probably my last appointment with my current doctor tomorrow, depending how it goes... Does anyone have any tips on how to find a doctor that will listen to my problems? And not discard them because of my age...?
How did everyone find their current doctor? Is it just trial and error, or is there another way?
Who's your "best" doctor? (who helps you out the most?)
What is the best route to go? Would staying with the same doctor and possibly finding a good Rheumy or another type of doctor more reasonable or is it more complicated?


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    There are no tips, sunnyhours, as such. One person could find a particular doctor excellent but another will loathe them. Personality plays a great part, both theirs and yours. I don't know how your health system works, but you could try talking to friends/colleagues/family etc, see if there is anyone they recommend - but I think it does basically come down to personality. DD
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    No Tips
    But wish you the best of luck
    Juliepf x
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    Hi Sunnyhours

    Again, no tips but you could ask the receptionists at your surgery if any of the gps there have an extra interest in arthritis. Although gps know a little about many "ailments" some of them specialise in certain "illnesses".

    Elna x
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    Unfortunately Fred doctors are a suck it and see thing....

    Elna idea of asking if any have an interest in arthritis is a very good idea (Hi Elna xx) but really the only way you find out is to see them.....

    Its different over there so are there any sites that tell you doctor practices 'achievements'? Its hard to find a really good one but hopefully you will find a good one. Cris x
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    Hi Sunny, I had a brilliant Doctor for years who was very understanding, then we moved and I have struggled with the GP's here from day one, I feel like some of them think I am putting it on.. So I have been going to see each GP, see which one seems to care, think I have found two at the surgery now, time will tell.. It is a really good idea to see if any of them specialise in the old arthur....
    I know what you mean about judging by age, been there, it is not nice them judging like that, oooh, you can't have arthritis at your age!!! :x :x :x

    Hope you find a good one...

    Be well
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