Pain Relief Needed!

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Hi guys

I haven't been on since July but have found myself bang smack in a flare up and I just can't ease the pain. I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis last June although I have been suffering for years but never saw my GP until I couldn't cope any longer. I take Naproxen daily (one a day) but i'm able to increase it if needed. I have been jogging along quite nicely with the odd nag of Arthur but on Wednesday I became increasingly tired. I was almost asleep at work and I thought 'Oh no, I hope Arthur isn't about to have a go'. Yesterday (Thurs) he really decided to have a go in my shoulder. My question is, I just can't get any pain relief at all. I've tried ice packs, had a hot bath and increased my meds but nothing is helping. I've been in tears not knowing what to do with myself. Has anyone got any ideas as to what else I can try?
Thank you for listening to me, I really appreciate your time
Louise :cry:


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    I find swearing a lot and punching a teddy helps ! Seriously , hope you are soon able to get some relief . Pain can send you completely loopy _ hence the teddy based violence ! Jillyb
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    Hi Louise,

    Nice to see you again :grin:

    Sorry you have so much pain. I think its a case of seeing your gp and getting different pain and anti-inflammatories perhaps? Some tablets work well and some don't but gp's need telling that what they have put you on isn;t doing the job.

    I have a duff shoulder and neck, the other shoulder seems to be joining in now as well so I know there is nothing much to help. Puffin said use a cushion when sitting under the elbow, Louise that's kinda helpful. Seems to support it a bit better than the arm of a chair.

    I hope you can get a bit of relief and honestly a chat with your gp or a phone call to you rumo is the best option. Cris x

    Oh Jilly's swearing thing... yep recommend that one as well...... Nice one Jilly :lol::lol:
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    Hi Louise, sorry to hear that you are having a bad time of it, as the others said, insist that the GP tries something else for you, it really isn't nice suffering is it? Sounds daft but try keep your mind off the pain, that's one reason I tend to be a manic poster on here sometimes, lol... It does help a bit..

    Best of luck

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    What pain relief pills are you taking, apart from one naproxen per day? You don't mention any by name, or detail your other meds so it is difficult to know how to respond. I was on nap for a while and found it quite useless as both an anti-inflamatory and a pain relief. As del pointed out, we are not docs so cannot tell you what to try. I hope things ease soon. DD
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    Hi louise

    I am so sorry your shoulder is being such a huge pain in teh bum at the mo :sad: Like DD l was wondering what you atke apart from the naproxen which is your anti-inflamtory?

    Do you have a painkiller as well? If not then you could get one via your GP or over the counter with advice from the pharmacist?

    Are you allowed to try any of the gels you rub in with what you are on?? Again l would check with the chemist If I were you.

    ice and wheat packs are a good idea, but sometimes when a flare goes on too long we do have to get help.


    Toni xx