Hi to one and all!!

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How rude of me not to formally introduce myself before spouting off on your forums!!! :eek:
My name is Jacqui I was diagnosed some years ago with RA but somehow they failed to inform me!!!
First I was diagnosed with gout, but only had 1 episode which I put down to my job, which was car valeter and I thought my pain was due to the fact that I often stood on tip toe in order to polish/wash the roof of cars.
My second pain was my knees, I exercised regularly then, lost weight the pain subsided and so put that down to carrying a little extra weight, although I was a size 10/12 then am now size 8/10.
Then the foot pain started which they put down to a recent vein strip operation, when the pain failed to go after a year or so and my foot ballooned and toes started looking weird, they decided to investigate.....RA was diagnosed, blood tests confirmed this.
The rest is as they say history, have as previously mentioned been prescribed several meds which I was unable to tolerate. The pain in my foot is quite severe some days, I am in denial!!
My GP......bless her.....tells me I am fighting a fight that I cannot win!!!!..........Watch me!
I am exhausted most days and as I drive about my job as a Community Midwife Assistant, often look at the pile of autumn leaves and wish I could curl up in them and sleep til Summer.
Blisssssssssssssss :grin:
Nice to meet you all
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    Welcome to the forum Jacqui, hope you are not suffering too much tonight. This is a great place to have questions answered as well as a chin wag...

    Be well

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    HI jacqui.

    Nice to see hear your story and to meet you on the forum..
    As you have prob already noticed, they are a great bunch on here..
    I've been here a week and felt like i've been here for ages, made me feel very welcome..
    Looking forward to speaking to u soon..
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    Hi Jacqui

    I'm new here too. Seems like a lovely, friendly place to be ----

    Best wishes

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    It's nice to meet you, jacqmun, I think I've answered one fo your posts on another forum. At least you have been diagnosed, which is a good thing, and I hope you can find a med that you can tolerate - and that it helps. It can take some time to find the right drug to assist the fight - what have you tried so far? If you have already mentioned this elsewhere, then please forgive me - I am a llittle fuddled with pain, and not keeping track as I should. DD
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    Hello Jaqui and welcome from me too.

    So they finally got round to tellilng you you had RA? Beggars belief doesn't it?!!!!!

    So glad you have found us though and I hope that the forum will be a good source of support to you. We're all in pretty much the same boat (or in the same flotilla anyway) so there is no need to feel alone with this.

    Look forward to seeing you posting.

    Love Tilly (another RA'er)xxx