Feeling abandoned and let down

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Hi guys
Beginning of December I visited my GP with knee pain, a few months previously I'd twisted my knee on the stairs and it hadn't settled down, instead the pain has got worse. She said that she would send a ref to the knee specialist physio (who would tell me what was wrong) and mark it urgent as I have a young child I'm struggling to care for. After a few weeks I rang to find out how long I had to wait to be told its a 6wk waiting list. Yesterday I got a phone call from the physio dept offering me an appt for Monday as they have had a cancellation. I found out that my GP had actually written a bog standard ref to the normal physio and it wasn't urgent. What really niggles is that my mum saw her GP at a different practise and was referred and seen by a bog standard physio within a week. In the mean time I'm in a great deal of pain which is keeping me awake.
In addition I was put on antiTNF last September and since then I haven't seen anyone at the hospital. My consultant is running 4 months behind in his normal appts.

I am currently feeling fairly dispondent, totally abandoned and that no one in the nhs cares. All I want is to find out why my knees are hurting so much (if it was a pulled, ripped muscle then surely it should have sorted itself out since it's been 5months since I twisted it on the stairs). When I asked for an xray or mri I was told that the specialist knee physio would be able to tell me. Now thats up the spout.

Anyone got any suggestions on what I should do?


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    What a rotten time of it you're having Jenzie :roll: I'm so sorry!

    no wonder you feel abandoned! your doc has let you down by not doing the urgent referral and you've been left in agony. Not good enough. :x

    I'd keep the physio appointment... at least you'll be told what they think and s/he may be able to refer you to a more specialist service.
    But I'd go back to the doc (or another doc) and ask ..demand...an xray or better still a referral to orthopaedics. They are the ones who are specialists in the joint 'mechanics' and will investigate what's going on with the knee.

    You might want to consider making a complaint too... or writing to the head of the GP practice.
    The important thing is to get help with your knee, and proper pain relief, so that has to be the priority.

    You've had a lot to deal with these past months with a young baby to look after too. Is he sleeping any better now?

    thinking of you...


    Iris xx
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    I was worried you would get abandoned after your son was born as I had similar issues.They dont seem to take seriously the toll on your health. I know that sounds a bit strong but that is how I felt after my daughter was born.

    I am really surprised that you haven't seen anyone since starting on anti- tnf in September. And what a mess up with the physio but at least you have an appointment now as you are suffering so. Yes definately complain as Dorcas has said as she said she would mark it urgent.

    Elizabeth x
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    Hi Jen
    I am so sorry you are suffering like this, the NHS has a lot to answer for sometimes, I do hope you go back to your GP and tell you are not happy at being left in so much pain.
    I no its hard but you must somehow get another referral, this is one thing this forum has learned me to do, stand my ground to get the right treatment...not quite got there yet, but I will.
    Wishing you luck with everything...and how is little Harry doing...he will be one in May if I remember correctly.
    Sending you loads of hugs my love (((((((()))))
    Barbara xx
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    Hi Jen,

    Its not surprising your feeling abandoned and let down and hope that you will be able to see someone else. I can't believe how complacent they can be at times.

    Will keep my fingers crossed for you cus its not fair and dig in is all I an think to suggest.

    Hope harry is dong ok? and leaving you a ((( ))) Cris xx
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    Hello, I HATE the waiting for things we have to do. I hope the wait is worth while. Love Suexxx
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    Thanks for the replies. I'm going to attend the physio appt tomorrow and I've written a letter to the practise manager saying how fed up I am.

    Harry is doing really well, although struggling with a cold at the mo. He is now saying dada but will only say mama when he's cross or frustrated, which is quite a lot of the time at the minute as he's desperate to move but isn't crawling yet. He prefers to be standing and walking, which he can do but needs to be holding my hands (it's killing my back!). He's also got really heavy recently so I'm finding it more difficult to hold for any time at all. He's eating three solid meals a day and when he's having a growth spurt I struggle to fill him up. I'm currently sat here listening to him sleeping - his nose is blocked so is quite wiffly and noisy. It's been a tiring weekend as hubbie also has a cold and I've got tonsilitis. We're slightly germy!!

    Hope everyone's weekend was ok.
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    Hi Jenzie.

    It's good that you've a plan in place to make sure you get the medical attention and treatment you're entitled to. :!:

    sorry that as a family you're somewhat 'cold' stricken :roll: I'm sure it's made managing the demands of little Harry together with the constant pain even harder to deal with. I do hope it passes.

    Harry sounds like a bouncing and active little boy! hard to believe he's already at the crawling/ walking stage. :eek:... no doubt a joy to both of you.

    Let us know how you get on with physio tomorrow Jen... will keep my fingers crossed that s/he is able to give you some helpful advice regarding your knees.

    Iris xxx
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    sorry I can't make any good suggestions but just wanted to send my hugs and empathy
    my bouncing toddler is more than a little tiring and the stage when they can't move on their own is wearing
    Mine now can unfortunately escape (they move fast :shock: ) and has just started to answer back (who knew that they started so young, 2.5 going on teenage at times!!!)
    You need to bug and bug and bug till you get somehelp
    I actually had quite supportive gp / health visitor / rheumy but I insisted that i could do it all my own and when Ben was about 14/15mths ended up having a op on my hip after carrying the great big lump around too much. It would had been easier if i'd listened :roll:
    Hope you get sorted soon
    love & hugs