25 with RA from south wales

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hi, everybody, im 25 and just been diagnosed with RA. anybody else on here in the same situation?


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    morning.. Not in the same situation but wanted to welcome you to the forum, we're a friendly bunch, some of us are even knowledgeable! Lol
    Hope you find this place as helpful and fun as I do...

    Be well :grin:
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    Welcome from me too , I am not in the same situation as you are , but once was ! 30 years ago I was diagnosed with RA when I was only 25 so can understand how you're feeling . You have done the right thing in joining this merry little band as there is a wealth of knowledge and support amongst the people here , I hope you find it as useful as I do . Jillyb
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    Evening young 'un. There are quite a few of you youngsters on here, it might be worth your while posting again on the Young Persons forum as well as LWA (living with arthritis). Not many people look in on this forum, but I do know that a fair few in their 20s have recently joined. I wish you well. DD (an ancient and haggard old crone of 51 who has PA)
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    I am a similar age to you (27) but i have PA (similar symptoms but the extra bother of a skin complaint!!)
    If you need advice then you are most definitely in the right place! i am relatively new to the site but find everyone (old and young!) to be very helpful and have picked up lots of hints and tips on here.

    i hope you find the site useful.


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    Hello and welcome from me too!

    I was diagnosed with RA almost 15 years ago, aged 28 and I can still remember how it felt and the uncertainty of how things were going to turn out. There are, I think, quite a few forum members in the early stages of diagnosis so you will be in good company and hopefully the forum will help you to feel less alone with it. As others have said, we have a lot of useful experience between us, so if/when you have questions, please do ask and we will do our best to help.

    Thinking of you.

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    Hi there

    I was 29 when I was diagnosed with RA, just turned 30 now and been taking methotrexate for 3mths. Many people have amazing results with their medication. There are loads of friendly people willing to advise, I cant offer much myself as it's all quite new to me just dont be afraid to put youself first and rest if u need too!

    Hope u are not suffering too much x