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Hi im a new user here and looking for some help!

Im currently claiming E&SA (past 8 months). I was diagnosed on wed with inflammatory arthritis. I have very little grip in my left hand, a lot of weakness in both hands and a lot of pain.

I dont feel that i would ever have the strength to return to work. Do i now go down the route of claiming DLA??

Me and my husband are also currently living with my parents (not ideal). I have trouble with the stairs as im not to steady on my feet either. Looking to apply for housing with the local housing but everything is so confusing! :roll:

Thanks for any help :smile:
Keep Smiling :D


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    Hello, I think the best route for you is to ring the helpline (the number is at the top of every page), they should be able to advise you. I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    And welcome to the forum, like DD says, ring the helpline at the top of the forum.
    There is also lots of information in the leaflets you can download.
    Sorry cant be more helpful, but you need to get the right information .
    I do wish you well, and I hope you stay with us, and let us know how you go on.
    Barbara x
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    Welcome to the forums from me :grin:

    I think you could ring the helpline too and get most of your advice in one place there - if you don't there is always CAB?

    Well done for getting it sorted quickly.


    Toni xx