follow up appt for ankle.

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Hi all,

Well had my follow up appt with surgeon about my oa ankle pain. Had to have a few x-rays having told OH it would only be a quick appointment. The outcome is it has not deteriorated too much in the past 6 months, but is leaning more to the left like a penguin, so I am Just going to have to wait for it to worsen really and the longer I wait the better (due to my 'young' age).But my hip is rubbish in the x-ray so will be keeping an even closer eye on that.He is not worried which order they are fixed.
I got told off for not seeing my GP about my persistent cough because if it is an infection, which is likely as it hasn't cleared up over along period of time, it could cause problems with the replacement I already have. Smacked wrist for me but have had other things to deal with and didn't realise the seriousness of the situation.
No excuses hey?
All the best

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