Do you think its a job requirement.....

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edited 30. Jan 2011, 17:37 in Living with Arthritis archive be as bitchy as possible if you are an NHS secretary :evil

Actually I came across two extremes today one wonderfully helpful and one absolutely horrible.
The helpful one is the one for my surgeon, the other worked in X-ray

I phoned the hospital as I have my appointment with my surgeon to review my MRI on my knee a week on friday but I haven't yet had an appointment for the MRI (requested 14th Dec)

My surgeons secretary was aghast and put me through to X-ray to get it sorted, the lady who answered said that I had an appointment booked for a week on thursday in the evening (I didn't even know they did them in the evening) and that my appointment was in the post (yeah but I haven't got it!). I said that with that short a notice I couldn't make it as I have a toddler (who can't come with me) and my husband is on nights even so he wouldn't make it back early enough even if he wasn't I really can't do evening sessions.
The lady then was really arsy and said well in that case how would i make a day time appointment then if I was that inflexible about my child....I pointed out that in the day he's at nursery and I can take time out of work. She then said fine (in that way that teenagers do when its anything but fine!!!!) I would have to go to the back of the queue as I was the one cancelling it rather than them and no she wouldn't even be able to give me an idea when it was likely to be or when I would get an appointment as "I am very busy".....grrr I nearly shouted "well so am I and the NHS p*ssing around for the past 6months is making it far harder for me than you ( I fell in may, almost wish I had broken it now at least they would have sorted it out quicker :roll: )" but I gritted my teeth and politely took the high ground and thanked her for her assistance and I would be very grateful if they could let me know as soon as possible.
Then I phoned my surgeons secretary back to tell her I would have to cancel the appointment next week and re-book but I didn't know when for - she couldn't have been more helpful

chalk and cheese I guess - it wasn't so much what the woman said but the way she said it , why the attitude ? I'm sure my question really wasn't that unreasonable, and I can't be the 1st one to need to change the date that they give out.
Still hung up the phone in disbelief .....unfortunately in the cuts I bet it'll be the nice one that loses her job :???:

ok steam let off now


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    Was the less-than-helpful-one related to your client from hell, do you think? It could be a family trait! I never, ever change appointments, whether convenient or not, I learned that lesson a long time ago. :roll: I am lucky in that I live a three minute drive from my hospital and I always tell them that I can do a short-notice cancellation - I have been seen in under three days that way on two occasions, which was useful. I hope the next appointment comes thro soon and is better timed for you. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi Chrissie, how annoying and frustrating. I don't understand why they don't give people a choice of appointments - there is bound to be someone working who would prefer an evening appointment and who is stuck with a day time one ...

    Pity there isn't any way round and that no one could sit with your little one for a bit (says Speedy who really struggles with childcare herself ...!!)


    PS Could always ask the secretary if she would mind a spot of babysitting!!??!! :roll:
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    Oh Chrissie :sad:

    Horrible horrible person. Sorry I didnt see this sooner.

    Thinking about it I have to say that I am with resaon why you should be put to the back of the queue just because of her temperement!


    toni xx
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    Hi Chrissie,
    How awful for you. Hopefully the surgeon’s secretary will pass the message on and then the surgeon will want to know what an earth is going on.

    Put some people in charge of the crayon box and they get above themselves. :sad:

    It has been a good while since you fell on your knee and it should be sorted as soon as possible. Is it worth trying to ring back at a different time in the hope you get through to someone more flexible.
    Lv, Ix
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    just an update: I now have a new MRI appointment, week on friday yay
    Hopefully it'll show what they need to sort it, i'm sick of the additional pain
    It now has a lovely purple bruise from a minor knock the other day, which just adds to my particular 'love' for that particular joint!!!, I'm not sure if I'm imagining it or not but it seems to react so much more than it used to, to even the most minor knock or even accidents i'm not even aware of which would be weird as its been so sensitive for the past 6mths that wearing tights is painful.
    Grr I hope they can get it sorted its driving me nuts :shock: fingers crossed!