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hi all im 51 and was diaganosed with cervical arthritis and fused vertebra of the neck four years ago,


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    just wanted to welcome you to the forum... Hope you find it useful and fun like I do.. The living with section is great for advice etc, chit chat is the madhouse where the fun happens, it's there that we usually tell arthur-itis to bugger off and we have a laugh..

    See you around

    Be we'll :grin:
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    Hi Anita,

    Hello and welcome..

    They are all a friendly bunch on here..

    Never be afraid to rant, moan, cry, tell a story, joke or make us laugh...

    Were all here for the same thing..

    Look forward to speaking to you soon..

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    Hello anita8023, I have a totally different form of this pestilence so probably won't be of much use to you, but it's nice to meet you! Any treatment or meds enquiries are best posted on the LWA forum, more people hang around there and I am sure there are a few with a similar version of arthritis to you. I wish you well. DD
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    just wanted to say hello and wecome, this is a great place to help you feel you are'nt on your own,and get lots of help and advise ..jilly