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Hi there
My name is Julie but family and friends call me Jules, I am 44 and married to hubby John.
I am his fulltime carer since 2007, he has a degenerative bone disease in both of his legs and sometime in the future could be next week/month next year or 5 years etc where they will amputate one or both of his legs below the knee, he is also diabetic he injects insulin twice daily and has another injection which he doses the same as well as all the diabetic tablets etc
About 2 years maybe 3 I was having womans troubles, we couldnt have children so pill etc was new to me, to keep the story short my doctor was ready to retire and we had locams in, last year a had a small operation for womans troubles and told everything would be ok, last year I was nearly poorly nearly everyday then I started with carpel tunnel syndrome had all the tests and the day we went for a date for op told not carpel but RA, I was relieved for a few seconds thanking god I did not have to have 2 ops one on each hand - shortlived as the consultant told me I had to go and see a rheumatoligist as carpel linked to RA and also showing up in blood results, went to see consultant beginning of December and he confirmed I had RA, this Saturday I have to have ultra sound on my hands and wrists he did say other joints for ultra but not to be and then go and see him 8th Feb
This year has been terrible, at first the pain was localised to one area this year I have had it in my jaw, shoulders, hands, wrists, feet, ankles and right knee - I have days when I feel no energy and feel so ill, (now I know not womans troubles as first told).
Nighttime is worse when I end up crying and at present on Tremadol which does not touch the pain, I have been told to be careful with these as I have had a severe reaction to codiene and Ibrufen and warned I could have a convulsion!!
At night I feel so alone when the pain hits and the tears come on their own, I do not complain to John as he is in constant pain he has neurotic pain (nerve Pain) so I suffer in silence and cry and cry at night and wish there was a human I could talk to apart from myself.
Today has been a good day, pain in hands and wrists but feet good I managed to walk normal today and managed to come down the stairs only once normal, usually I use the bannister and come down sideways one step at a time and wince with the pain - dont get me wrong for hubby their is a chair lift but so far I have not given in to using it - I am told to accept the condition and stop fighting it and to give in to it.
I also suffer from depression which i am on tablets for, and find myself getting so worked up and sometimes believe I have been in this world before and being punished.
Hey enough of the morbid I forgot to mention I have 3 doggies - 2 jack russels Holly who is 10, Toby who is 3 and handreared!!!, Xena who is a german shepherd 18 months old, a parrot called Eric (actually a she!!) 22 chickens including 1 cockerel and 4 ducks - they are my salvation and when times are bad they keep me going even when the pain is unbearable as they need me to feed them etc.

Sorry to rabble on and on I will sign off now and thank you for this wonderful site/forum that I have found.

Luv Jules xxxxxxx


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    I am so sorry to read of your troubles: I am away to my bed now and cannot answer properly (tiredness has the better of me!) but I promise you I will answer tomorrow. I hope you manage to get some decent rest tonight. Take care. DD
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    Hi Jules, welcome to the forum, you're in the right place for folks that understand what you are going through hun... We are a real friendly, knowledgeable and fun group... I'm just about to log out because as it happens my hands and wrists are seizing up. If you have questions etc then the living with section is the place to be, chit chat is the lighter hearted place, go there for a but of fun or a natter etc... Hope to see you posting soon, be well...

    Goodnight from me.. :grin:
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    Hi Jules..
    Welcome to the forum..
    I too am off to sleep but will be on tom to give you a proper reply..
    Take care..

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    Hello again Jules1, I am sorry to be late but today has not gone according to plan in any way, shape or form. I have the upset stomach from hell, and I am now feeling somewhat tired and wrung out - I've been awake since 3am and fairly active, one way and another. RA is a funny beast - I have PA (psoriatic arthritis) which is very similar but comes with the added bonus of odd skin. Tiredness is a very common feature of any form of arthritis, and things are ALWAYS worse at night - I think the lack of distractions has summat to do with that. Your poor husdband is not having an easy time either, and that must add considerably to the strain on you. If it is all a little too much at the moment, I recommend that you ring the helpline and talk directly to someone there: they are very well-informed about arthritis, they understand the difficutlies and pressures it brings and they are good to talk to. I hope today has been a better one for you - I am trekking back to the bathroom for another blast of ghastliness. Sorry. :oops: DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben