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hi my name is maria, i've had ra for 5yrs now. i used to come on the forums but have 2 more children now and have never found time. I have just started the assessment process for anti tnf treatment and am a little overwhelmed with all the information. so i thought i'd get back on this site and see what other peoples experiences are with this medication. i'll navigate my way round and see which forum best for this. any advice or help really appreciated. thank you.x :smile:


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    Anti TNFs? Easy. They promise much, and deliver little, unless you happen to belong to the select little group for whom they actually work. I sincerely hope you do, but you won't know until you give 'em a whirl. I wish you well. DD
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    thank you del boy, will post there. x
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    just wanted to say hi maria, hope the meds do their thing for you...

    Be well :grin: