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I was wondering how people cope with doing their housework.

After taking my daughter to school, where the 20 minute walk is a struggle at the best of times, when I get home I usually sweep the floors downstairs and that is about all I can manage, as long as the house looks tidy I leave it as it is, but I do feel so guilty, I know I should do more but I cant. Everything seems like such an effort at the moment, I get tired quickly, I huff and puff beacuse I am in pain and I dont even bother going upstairs until it is bath time in the evening.

The school run seems to take everything out of me especially when I am loaded down with all of my daughters school bags because she refuses to carry them.

I did however buy a long handled dustpan and brush which helps as I dont have to bend down anymore after sweeping, and I also bought a helping hand to pick things up from the floor.

What do you do to help you at home?


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    Hi Boleyn.. As a so called house husband :roll: :lol: I think the trick is to just pace yourself, if you can't then don't.. It took me a long time to learn that one as I am a bit dim!! :shock: :grin:
    I have a very understanding OH who works full time but understands when I am not good... I do what I can when I can now.. Winter is always worse anyway... I hate it, roll on summer, we can all feel a little better about everything.

    Like you, I have one of those helping hands, also one of the swiffy things for the floors (have no carpets, vaccing is too difficult) and I mix some floor cleaner into a spray bottle and clean the floors that way.. My worse one is washing up as I cannot stand very long, I tried sitting on a stool but it's no good.. Think a dishwasher might be our next big purchase.. :grin:

    Hope that you are well, plus, you really must explain to your daughter that she has to carry her own bag, explain why it causes you pain etc...

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    Hi Blue
    I have stopped being so house proud, It has taken some doing but like some one on here said...any friends that come in should take it has it comes...and understand you cant clean like you used to.
    I have my two grand children living with me, so I have to ask them to do more....not a bad thing.
    I only iron what really needs it, I have long handled brushes and dusters....its taken nearly 2 years to convince myself...the housework is not my priority any more.
    Good luck
    Barbara x
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    whip over to the chit chat forum and read Lindalegs' thread 'half a job'

    That will make you laugh about it all.


    toni xx

    Serioulsy loads of tips on the sticky thread above - might be worth a look?


    toni xx
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    Do what you can, don't fret about what you cannot, you are NOT your daughter's slave (she should be yours, you are the boss after all) and pace yourself. There are ways and means around these matters - if your child is old enough then she can push the vacuum around, and flap a duster at things, the sticky at the top with the coping ideas and strategies may throw up something you haven't thought of, do not feel guilty or apologetic: this is not your fault. DD
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    Housework is never done!! Only do what you can manage and prioritise and don't fret about it...

    ALso think how you can persuade your daughter to carry her own stuff ... new bag that she is proud to wear/trolley she can use to pull/push it (and hopefully store at school) or chart/stickers/bribes/points/reward for doing it ... She is young, fit and doesn't have arther ...

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    oh Boleyn, I was always know as Hyacinth Bouquet, I was bordering on OCD I think, with the house being spick and span at all times and when we went to visit friends etc, they had a mad cleaning session, ready for me going, in case I spied some dust. As has been said, some reward scheme for a little help, from the family, would not go amiss.

    Well, time and poor health, changes things, not least damned Arthur, I am still houseproud and thankfully OH likes things neat and clean too, so he does the big tasks with the big hoover, while I flick things around and play with the mini vacuum, (just a mains dustbuster with a handle), but it keeps me happy. If the OH was not around I would need home help or whatever they call it now.

    I get SO frustrated and still have not learnt to pace myself or ask when I know I cannot manage something, yet go ahead and try, only to half kill myself. I had another go with the bed change, ended up being told off for trying.

    It is not easy hun, little bits, pottering is a fine art and even Bubbles has yet to perfect it, doing bits and bats and as long as the house is clean and reasonably tidy, then that's all that matters. It takes a long time to admit that you are travelling in the back seat now, well, it does for me. Hugs to you and yours, take care, XX Bubbles.
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).
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    Hi Boleyn,

    I used to be quite houseproud in a past life... now well i am aided and abetted by a group of manky four legged employers and do the essentials on a bad day and a bit more than that on an ordinary day.

    It's a case of pace out and done worry about what doesn't get done. I don't have anyone to bribe and some days i look at it and think why can't i just do that but the fact is sometimes i can't...... might have become a bit too good at drekley actually :roll: nice to meet you by the way. Cris x