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hi i hope you can help me i need to move and am getting nowhere. i currently live in a bungalow in devon, we moved here 3 years ago because we thought it would benefit our health but sadly the reverse is true. my husband suffers from copd and i have osteo arthritus in most of my joints, i also suffer with severe depression. our docter says it is to damp here for us we are surrounded by farms also ther is a quarry close by which produces a lot of dust. we need to move back to hemel hempstead where we came from, our 4 sons live there so we would have help and support when we needed it. however the council there have only awarded us 13 points and houses are generally let on 56-60 points so i fear i will be dead before any property comes available to us can you please advise.


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    Hi Maz,
    Thanks for getting in touch. You'd really need to talk to a specialist housing adviser, in order to find one the best place to start would be the Dacorum Ciitzens Advice Bureau or Age UK. Even if they can't help you directly they should be able to point you in the right direction.
    If for any reason they can't then by all means get in touch again and we'll try to think of somewhere else you can get advice.
    All the best