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Hello Road Runners,

My last post was late 2009 prior to me running the London Marathon 2010. Yes, I finished it without first stopping in a time of 4hrs 59mins 16secs, achieving my aim of a sub 5hr run.

Today, I am in the middle of my worst every RA flare up.

My feet. hands, fingers and wrists.

The feet are my biggests concern. I need to get out on the road agin but the soles of my feet remain sore. NHS have diagnosed a secondary condition - MORTONS NEUROMA.

I've been issued with a made to measure pair of inners with a small lump in the middle of the insole, that helps with the problem. Its like walking on a golf ball. I'm not sure if its working though.

My question is for the ROAD RUNNERS. Are you running through your pain? are you using GEL inserts?

Your feedback would be most welcome.

Bye the way, I'm now on a top dose of Methotrexate 22.5 per week. I've been coughing for about 6 weeks due to a viral infection, I hope its not the MTX. I was hoping the GP would send me for an Xray, but he hasnt suggested it.

COUGHING/METHOTREXATE - The User Instructions tell me to report this to the Hospital/GP IMMEDIATELY. I have, but was told I'm OK. Scarey!

Thats it then.


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