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Hi you guys/gals :smile:
Have just got back from rheumy clinic, double whammy of injection, one in ankle and one in bum!!!
Have been prescribed Leflunomide after no success with Methotrexate would love to hear if any of you has had success/ major side effects with this drug :?:
Jacqui x
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    Hi jacqui

    hope the injections help to make tings easier in the next day or so when it kicks in.
    I am on leflunomide and have been for a few years.
    I am also on methotrexate too as just leflunomide wasn't working. Also meth on its own didn't work.
    The two combined is doing ok alng with hydroxy and celecoxib.
    I have no side effect to report.

    I hope the leflunomide on its own works for you . As you know we are all different.

    wish you luck
    take care
    juliepf x
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    I've been on a combination of leflunamide plus mtx for a number of years and did find the leflunamide helped. Side effects I had were, for first few weeks until I found which food to avoid (i.e. baked beans and fried onions) was wind. As long as I avoided too much of them I was ok. I hadn't been able to eat a whole tomato, have vinegar on chips as they would aggrivate my joints but since leflunamide it has been much better.

    Hope Leflunamide helps you.


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    Ratface?? Ratface?

    Surely not :shock:

    Just popped on to say hi to Jacq and that i hope that the new meds help :smile:

    An now to welcome you too Ratty :smile:


    Toni xx
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    I was on it a few years ago and it gave me crippling headaches so I stopped it. It didn't touch the arthrits, surprisingly enough! DD
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    I starting taking Leflunomide over a year ago as i became allergic to mtx, and i have been great since. i notice more benefits than with the mtx. i am taking enbrel alongisde it and they say this is a good combo. i have nothing but praise for it as i have had no side effects, but i know everyones bodys are different.
    good luck with it x x x
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    Hi Frogmorton,

    Thanks for the welcome.

    Ratface - is my husband's pet name for me. When I was working I had several people at work come and say that they didn't agree with him when he rang me at work but it did brighten the day the hillarity it caused.

    I was going to use his other name for me - Peach - (this was before we were married) - but couldn't use that as someone else was already using it.

    Best wishes

    Ratface xxxx
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    I started leflunomide 10mg to weeks ago, after side effects on methotrexate were to bad for me to put up with. I up the does to 20mg today. The side effects I have are itchy skin and slight dizzyness but RA Nurse said hopefully this will get better as my body ajusts.Just hope it has some effect on the RA.

    I hope you are ok on it and hope it works for you.