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Hi everyone
Have just been reading about the severity of posters' arthritis and feel something of a fraud as I have manageable osteoarthritis in my knees. However, have been feeling rather left in the dark by my GP and want to learn how I can carry on exercising without exacerbating the discomfort. I am 64 and love going to the gym and getting out of breath, but afraid now to put too much stress on my knees!


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    Manageable OA? Rejoice, woman, for crying out loud! :smile: There is absolutely no need to feel a fraud but please be wary of over-doing things. Exercise is an important part of coping with and managing OA, it does help to keep the muscles strong and therefore support your joints better, but repeated hard impact such as running is not such a good thing. What about swimming or cycling? They are both good exercise, will get your heart rate up but are non-weight bearing. I wish you well. DD
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    Totally agree with DD, enjoy what you can while you can and keeping your muscles in good nick will be no end of help with the OA. Very best wishes and long may things continue as they are. :grin:
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    Hi June, welcome from me too... As the others said, try and keep you muscles strong, I know from experience the difference it makes when you don't...

    Be well.. :grin:
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