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Hi everyone
Have just been reading about the severity of posters' arthritis and feel something of a fraud as I have manageable osteoarthritis in my knees. However, have been feeling rather left in the dark by my GP and want to learn how I can carry on exercising without exacerbating the discomfort. I am 64 and love going to the gym and getting out of breath, but afraid now to put too much stress on my knees!


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    Hi june
    Just wanted to say hello to you and to say that i have had nothing but support from members on here since i joined 2 weeks ago. I am sure some one more knowledgeable than me will give advice on your excersice and knee. I have arthritis in my back and joined forum when i felt totally in the dark and didnt know where to turn for advice. Im 32 and ashamed to say i should but dont go to the gym. I know alot more about arthritis now and it has been a huge learning curve.
    Hope you find some answers here,
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    Hi June , i had trouble with OA in my knees had one replaced and the other is on its way out. I found exercise that does'nt put to much strain on the bone best . They advised me to get the muscles around the knee stronger. I used a bike before the op and after it worked well for me , i have good movement in the replacement. I have other problems now so not been able to exercise at the moment . Someone with be along soon that will be able to give you more advise. This is a great site lots of lovely people all helping each other. so welcome and hope to see you in the other parts of the forum , living with arthritis is really helpful try posting in there. ..........jilly :grin:
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    Hi June
    And welcome to the forum, you carry on at the gym, but be careful you dont put weight on your knee, there are lots of exercises you can do , the best one I found was the cross trainer, its wont put to much load on your knees.
    I am 60, and I went to the gym for over 20 years, sadly I cant go at the min, but I hope to return to do what I can.
    Barbara x
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    Many thanks for your replies and support. I am carrying on at the gym and find it ok as long as I don't put too much resistance on the cross trainer,bike or treadmill.
    I know that swimming would be good, but an osteopath advised me some years ago to do the crawl and avoid breast stroke as the leg action is not good for knees. The problem for me is that if I try to do the crawl I just sink.
    I know I should do exercises to strengthen the quads but find them at times quite painful.

    Once agin many thanks and hope we meet on the discussion forum
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    Welcome from me too June, take it steady with the exercises, little and often may be the way... Swimming is definitely a good one, you just need to master that front crawl, don't want you sinking to the bottom hun... :shock: :grin:

    Be well
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