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just wanted to say hurah for having a fab helpful physio who after 3 years of pain is now really sorting me out. She is helping me exercise and regain muscle strength, has me a rheumatology referal and appiontment made, sorted my feet out with podiatry, which in turn has made me a bit less dispairing of it all. I was only refered in Dec and already in just recognising imediately what was wrong she has done so much more for me than my other Drs - so hurah!!!!!


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    Oh doesn't it make a difference when you find someone understanding/helpful/good at their job? Hurrah indeed! Good luck with it all. DD
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    That is great news. Good luck with it all. 2011 might just be your year. Fingers crossed for you.

    It is so nice when we find the right people; they open doors that we haven’t a hope of opening on our own.

    Lv, Ix
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    great news spacey
    and indeed hurah
    glad you are getting sorted
    have a good weekend
    juliepf x :smile:
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    :lol: Hoorah :lol: indeed spacey!!!
    Jacqui x
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    That's great spacey!

    what a difference it makes to have someone know there job and be willing to go that extra mile to help. :grin:

    Lynn (Collywobble) was just saying on her thread that being seen by a helpful physio and OT had made a huge difference to her too. :!:

    hurah indeed!!!

    Iris xx
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    Hi Spacey

    That is good news. Just leaving some appreciation for your wonderful physio. a035.gif
    Hope it continues to go well for you.