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Hi, found your forum from arthritis news, er right shoulder, left foot, i believe, only two joints i don;t have oa in, loud tinnitus, always dizzy, lets chuck a stomache ulcer in, and a haitus hernia of course, just for good measure, bit of a mess really.
Trying to find my way around the site right now, hopeless on computers so could be here all night, male 58, needs tender loving care, well fixing anyway,
but just wants to say "hi"


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    Think I will give the tender loving care a miss matey but will definately welcome you to the forum :shock: :lol:

    Hope you find your way round, it's a great place, we know our stuff and a friendly bunch...

    Be well

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    welcome saxon,you have come to the right place to get a little help and advise . It wont take you long to get to know your way around . see you soon ...............jilly
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    Hello saxon, how wonderful, another bloke, gawd knows we need more men around here! I hope you are able to find your way around. We are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch of arthritics (all types catered for) and you will find many more OAers on here. LWA (living with arthritis) is the place for all things arthritis-related, the rest of the titles are self-explanantory. Feel free to jump in on any discussion that takes your fancy and I hope to see your name popping up here and there. DD
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