Long life hip replacements

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We are trying to find out when the first hip replacement procedures were carried out in the UK. Wikipedia research was inconclusive.

Our curiosity was aroused by my ninety-six year-old mum-in-law whose first replacement was done in Whitechapel Hospital in 1971 and we believe that this may be the longest lasting 'tin hip' in Britain. Her right hip was done in Australia in the eighties. Neither have been reworked.

She in now immobile due to sheer age and lots of other problems but we think she might qualify for an entry into the Guiness Book of Records.

Does anyone have any information about replacement longevity?


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    Perhaps you could contact the manufacturers of these things, or a medical school, or her surgeon - he might know something of the history of them. I suppose the longevity depends on the use/misuse of said joint and /or the skill of the surgeon in replacing the real joint, I really have no idea. Interesting question tho! DD
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    1962 by Sir John Charnley I think, Bob. He had either a hip or a knee joint named after him. Your mother-in-law's hip beats my 30 yr old knee by ten years. Well done to her!
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