palindromic arthritis

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I would like to speak to other people who have Palindromic Arthritis. I would welcome any tips and advice on living with this condition. My present flare up (which i've had for two weeks) is constantly moving around my body. I am taking one Hydroxychloroquine, six ibuprofen and 8 paracetomol a day. How do other sufferers cope?


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    Hi Judy, not got the same as you but just wanted to wish you well.. I have just stopped the hydroxy though as it made me lose my appetite altogether... No, that is not a diet tip :roll: :wink:

    Be well, sure that someone on here will be able to answer your question soon..
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    I have Palindromic rheumatism, well either that or reactive arthritis - the doctors can't seem to agree! You have my sympathy it can be very tough and very confusing. It's taken me 20 years to get a diagnosis (I was diagnosed with ME when I was 15 because they didn't know what was wrong) and I'm only just started treatment last November. I take 200mg Hydroxychloroquine twice a day and either codeine or tramadol when I have a flare. I can't take ibuprofen or other NSAIs because of a history of gastritis.

    Coping with it is very difficult, it's the uncertaintly I find the hardest, the not knowing how you will be from one day to the next or which joint it's going to affect next. The only way I can cope with it is to take one day at a time, to try and stay mobile but not over-do it. Sorry I can't be of more help! Please feel free to send me a message if you want to chat.

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    Hi Judy,
    I was diagnosed with Palindromic arthritis when I first started. It does dance all over your body and everyday it jumps somewhere else. I also was put on Hydroxy and it did take about 16-17 weeks before I felt any relief.
    I do hope that your flare calms down soon. Just enjoy the hours or days when you are pain free. Try some of the anti-inflam gels and the heat pads.
    Sorry you have had to find us Judy but keep posting and this lovely lot will try and answer some of your questions.
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    Hope you are well - I am taking hrydroxychlo' too and arcoxia (instead of the ibuprofen) and amitrip 25mg at night. More recentlythe rhuematologist added colchicine to the mix.

    I wondered if you had heard of the International palindromic Rheumatism society? I only ask as with a lot of us who do not have p[ostive bloods i have searched high and low for answers for myself.


    Toni xx
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    You'll fortunate that you have a doctor that will treat you. I'm currently into a bad ankle week and being careful with the other bits.

    As for advice, drink Yorkshire Tea and keep smiling!

    8) Its a grin, honest!