Blue Badge?

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Hi I asked you on here before and you kindly PM'd me info on getting a blue badge, my problem is my GP say's no as I can walk 50 yards but sometimes I could really do with it, is there any way I can get one without him getting involved, it would really help me, I have bad OA of both kneecaps and in pain all the time with it mobility is all ver the place.


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    Hi Mellman, is there another gp you can see?

    People are given blue badges because of heart conditions, asthma etc. I read of a lady who was given a blue badge due to the pain of trigeminal neuralgia. This meant the great pain necessitated her to be in and out of the shops asap. Your gp does not appear to be taking into account your pain.
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    hi Mellman,

    In my area they won't accept GP's support. You can self refer and offer letters from consultant, specialist nurse, OT or physio.
    My mother got one because of the OA in both her knees so I can't see why your gp is being so obstructive. The criteria is not whether you can walk less than 50 yards, it's whether you can walk 50 yards WITHOUT SEVERE PAIN.

    However, I think the system is very punitive, allowing people to struggle for a very long time when a blue badge would really make a huge difference, preventing isolation, depression and diminished quality of life. Seems as if that doesn't count for anything these days.

    Apply anyway and good luck.
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    I would put in for DLA & see what comes back.
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    Hi Mellman,
    Thank you for your posting, I am sorry to hear that you are struggling to get a blue badge, unfortunately we are unaware as to whether your doctor needs to be involved in this decision process. To find out you may like to contact the Blue Badge advice line on: 020 7944 2914 or 0161 367 0009 or via email on

    I hope they can help
    Best Wishes