Hip Injections are they always so painful?

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Hi, this is my first post, I've got arthritis of the wrist, spine, hip and knees. I also have slight Scoleosis and have suffered with slipped discs and sciatica.

I had an injection into my right hip in September 2010. The pain of the injection itself was horrendous. I've had 3 children naturally,and the pain of the injection was way worse.

My hip was already swollen and painful, but swelled more afterwards and was bruised. The pain on walking was agrravated further still for about a week or two after. After time the pain in my hip did improve, a lot. I halved my medication, and was so pleased.

However, now at the end of January the pain seems to be returning, making walking any distance very painful.

I guess one has to way up the benefits of having this injection against the negatives. I really don't know, if i personally, could go through that level of pain again, for a few months of relief.

What do other members think?


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    Steroid injections do not last forever, I think three months is the desired target which is why they usually won't repeat them within that time frame - if you have had three months or so of relief, then that is pretty good going. My personal best is three days. One eventually learns to get on with it. :smile: There is another thread about this - I hope yours will help tillypink who is in the very early (and optimistic) days of her injection. If you cannot face it again, then don't, after all no-one forces us to do these things. My arthritis is concentrated in my sacro iliac joints (sitting hurts), knees, ankles and toes, so I can empathise with the painful walking bit! So far my hips are un-affected, but I do remember reading somewhere (and I hope it's true) that with my version of this disease (psoriatic arthritis) the hips tend to escape its attention. I certainly hope so. I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi, I had a similar experience and I was rendered bed bound for a week! Actually, not quite bed bound - sofa bound as I couldn't lie flat after the injection into my hip as it was so incredibly painful. I could barely move my hip at all and had to 'sleep' in an awkward semi upright position on the sofa. I was never keen to have another injection, although I did have one in my bum cheek into the flesh - much better! But no effect either...oh yes I forgot to say that the first injection didn't even do anything!
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    hi Lilly_Savage

    I've just had the injection into my hip last thursday! the pain was so bad they had to knock me out in the end as it was so tender and painfull! I'm still in agony now and its only been 4 days since the injection... I don't know if its gonna work or not, but the pain in unbearable, don't know if I could do it again!

    I also am bruised on my hip from the injection and the area is so sore, even to wear underwear its sore! sorry to sound rude.

    Good luck if u have the injection again!

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    Hi Lilly

    I LOVE the name!!

    I just answered Tillypinks thread on the same subject...

    Thing is we are all different and the effect can be so different can't it?

    My ex MIl has had them in her hands and into her facet joints (back) a few times and into her hip several times too - she has for the most part said it was totally worth it! She has had up to 6 months pain free thanks to them at a time.

    In addition surely the docs who do it must be relevant too? If your doc wants you to have another I would tell him what you told us and see if he reckons you could have it done under general or with some sort of anaesthetic??


    toni xx
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    Many thanks to you all for your responses. I guess the reaction and level of pain i had when i had the injection is about average.

    I can still vividly remember the horrific pain when he hit the bad spot, i nearly jumped off the table, i had tears in my eyes and bit my lip to stop myself crying out. I was told to keep still, i was doing well! My injection was done whilst he had an ultrasound machine on me, to ensure he hit the right spot. I guess i was praying it would be a miracle cure, lol, I should have known better!

    However the last 3 months have been much better, i was more active, could walk further. I guess it's back to the Doctors for me. Upon reflection any level of relief is better than none.

    To all of you who've just had the injection,i would say wait a week or two to see if you get any respite from your pain. If you do get some relief, then it's a case of whether the relief you receive is worth undergoing the injection again; when it's effects wear off. Good luck to you all, i hope and pray that you do get some relief from your pain.

    Maybe in the future, the doctors might develop a better, more long lasting way of dealing with pain. I live in continous hope!
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    Hi Lilly,

    Oh when they inject into bone its very,. very, very painful..... I had the de-nerve on my neck done with not sedative cus the pain doc said it was better if you could take it as she would know she hadn't hit a nerve.... It was pass out pain! Incredible pain.... bones don;t take to being injected....

    Sometimes its worth it and sometimes sadly its not....

    Fingers crossed for you and welcome to posting. nice to meet you. Cris x