travel ins , costing more than the holiday, not fair (

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ok ,been trying to get travel ins for a holiday this year maybe two if lucky, but it a nightmare .
Did not have hol for about 9 years due to money and health, but 2009 went on a cruise with my sis 2 months after my second hip replacemmt . Got ins so all well and good .
But then last year went on coach hol as was ath the time unable to fly ,on last dislocated hip ,then in oct got ins for next hol as could now fly and hip went on 3rd day but that was due to a fall and would not have dislocated if not slpped on gunk getting into a pool.
But now trying to get insurance for a trip this year and as had two hip dislocations and it going to cost me over £200 , unless do not have cover for my other med conditions, which for most is fine but do like o haveit for my hips "just in case" though very unlikly it go again, mmm so what do i do . risk and hope my hip does not go again ,as if do take up the ins for that cover it only any good if declare all me health problems in the past though totally not relevant or likly to have any effect on me after all this time in only a week, .
or do i not go on hol, mmmmm what to do ,


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    Oh pottypam, it's a brolly problem indeed. (Take your brolly, it won't rain, don't take it and it does.) Insurance is such a rip-off anyway, why pad their pockets any further? If your holiday is within the UK then yes, as del says why bother? If it isn't sho around, surely there must be better deals out there - can't you compare meerkats or summat for these things? DD
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    Insurance companies are just one big scam... You tell them about your ailments, they won't cover you for them, which I suppose is almost fair enough, but then they still charge you more!! How the hell is that legal...... We tried to get a reasonably priced insurance last year for Spain, OH had heart problems... All said the same, pay more but still don't have any cover.. We took basic insurance and our new e111 cards, can't remember what they're called. In Europe they have to give you emergency treatment at the hospitals..
    Most of the horror stories you hear about are involving problems getting the patient back home etc... If that would have happened I would have flown home got the car and driven back. I really despise how the insurance companies can have us by the short and curlys the way they do.. And any excuse not to pay out.... Make sure you for every i and cross every t or they'll get out of it.....
    Look, now I'm getting wound up, and that takes a lot.. Lol

    Sorry for ranting but it is a major peeve of mine.. I have a fair few though.

    Best of luck, have you tried the supermarkets, they do insurance now, or the post offices.. Supposed to be reasonably priced..
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    Oh Dear

    I had insurance when my back went permanently whilst on my hold in florida :shock:

    Was very glad to have it, but you was over £1000 of treatment and took me 12 months to get it back :roll:

    I would take it out. Will it be like car ins do you know? as in get a no claims if you DON'T claim??!! ( joke) :oops:


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    If you go to the Home Page & put 'travel insurance' in the search engine there's a comprehensive article about it. I wouldn't dream of going out of the UK without insurance although it is a rip off. (I've found N...... U.... one of the betters of a bad bunch) Some insurance companies specialise in those of us with far less than perfect bodies. Your local DIAL would be able to give you some names. Good luck!
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