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Hi, My name is damian, I have a baby sister who has just been diagnosed with arthritis (psoriatic JIA?) my mum is strugling to find out what financial help shes able to claim and what she cant... any Ideas? Thanks


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    Hi Damian, I am sorry to hear of your sisters recent diagnosis, unfortunately we are not benefit experts, so I can not say which benefits you are eligible for, however you may find it useful to read our ‘Benefits you can claim booklet:

    Also you may like to call the Benefits Enquiry Line on: 0800 882200, or Disability information and Advice Line (DIAL) ON 01302 310 123, which specialise in benefits.

    As your sister has just been diagnosed I am also wandering whether you and your family have any information on JIA. As here on the helplines we have a lot of useful information we can send out to you, if you Private message us with your full postal address we can send that out to you.

    Best Wishes