Auto immune arthritis

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Hello helpline team, and everyone here... :)

Fairly new here and to arthritis - still undergoing tests, however it seems I have a kind of auto immune arthritis.

After trawling the net for further information about this kind of arthritis I'm at a bit of a loss - I'm not really sure what answers I'm looking for, maybe someone else who has this kind of arthritis who can provide advice? Or help explain more about auto immune arthritis... it just seems like a huge question mark hanging over me, and whilst I wait for Methotrexate to kick in I wonder if there's anyone here who's in my proverbial boat... or has any info about this kind of arthiritis?

Thanks, MissKat


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    Hello Miss Kat,

    I'm in your boat :grin: I'm right at the beginning of it all, not been prescribed any meds yet except I did have a week of steroids because I was covered in horrible red spots and my feet and hands were swollen. I'm awaiting blood test results to see whats what and what they're going to do with me next, oh joy, lol.

    All the best to you xx
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    Dear MissKat

    Welcome to the Arthritis Care Forum I'm sure you are going to find a lot of information and make a lot of friends here. It can be very difficult during the early stages of diagnosis when you are trying to understand what is going on and yet not able to because you have not been given a definitive diagnosis.

    Having an autoimmune type of arthritis means it is an inflammatory type, unfortunately there are many inflammatory types. The good news is the treatment is very similar. I hope the Methotrexate kicks in very soon for you.

    In short autoimmune arthritis means that your immune system has gone into overdrive and instead of knowing the difference between what to protect and what to attack it is attacking your joints.

    As soon as you know what type of autoimmune arthritis you have please contact us or give us a call and we will be happy to send you the right information on that condition. In the meantime if you need to talk we are always here.

    Best wishes