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as some of you know I had a TWR last November which has done so well apart form a wound infection caused by a too tightly wound bandage apparently I had hugh blisters the lot, my Dr sent me to hospital fearing i had septacemia, but saw dr at hospital who did my op last week and he warned me if my wrist swells up or gets hot etc to get in touch with him immediatly, I thought once the wound had healed the replacment joint could not get infected, any ideas about this as its got me confused ???? and I am to protect my joint at all costs so it lasts as long as possible as they really dont have any figures on how it will last or how it will cope with everyday life,
bad news seems now my wrist is sorted my right ankle keeps giving way I know its damaged by OA as all my joints are affected by OA and sero negative, so am now thinking of finally giving in and using my stick , I'm 50 in march and am really feeling my age :sad:


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    You poor thing, if I remember rightly dorcas (Iris) had an infection after her TWR...I am sure she will be along to advise you.
    I am sorry you have OA in multiple joints, I still cant understand how or why OA should spread like this, I am 60 and I found it hard using my stick , so I do sympathize.
    Good luck with everything, I do hope it improves very soon, and please let us know how you are.
    Barbara xx
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    Your new joint is surrounded by living tissue so yes, of course infection is a risk, just as it is with us who haven't had shiny new joints but have steroid jabs etc. As for using a stick, it isn't giving in, it's being practical, and helping your poor body to cope. Used correctly a stick can ease some of the discomfort (not all of it, true) and mean that you can do more than you think. Use it on the opposite side to the affected ankle, I am sure it will help. I wish you well. DD
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    I had hip re-surface and was warned that infection in any part of the body could, in theory, affect the joint.
    That is why any chest infections etc should be seen to asap.
    Have absolutely no idea why.
    Hope everything is ok with wrist.
    take care.
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    Hi Lavenderlady,

    When I had a 27 yr old replacement knee joint replaced a couple of years ago I was advised to give up riding as it was now a long implant and carried an ongoing risk of infection. Never had a moment's bother with it.
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    Hi Michelle,

    Flower its not fair you got the infection as well.its such a intricate thing i guess that's also there without the bandaging being wrong. Hopefully its a short term thing?

    can I ask you apart form the infection are you pleased with it?

    The Ankle well using a stick is no different to putting on glasses really..... know ts all a big thing cus well i have to now and then and always feel its such a backward step.... its not though it makes things a bit easier.

    Hopefully you will be able to protect the joints flower. i didn't mine...... I don't know how much 'damage' its done to them though.

    you take care and its nice to see you again. Cris x
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    Hi Michelle,

    I had a suspected infection in one of my TKRs which I had to have aspirated in theatre. When I queried how an infection could have got into my body as I had cut myself (DOH :roll: ) I was told that infections are always floating around in our body, we're just not aware of it.

    Also, my younger son banged his elbow badly and we thought the swelling and pain was because he'd broken it. He hadn't but he's on antibiotics for it because, apparently, he knocked it out of place, it popped back and now has an infection in it.

    Hope this helps
    Love, Legs x
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