Arthritis and heart problems

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I have suffered from joint pains for many years. A few years ago I had a total knee replacement. For the general (relatively low level) pain/discomfort I was prescribed Voltarol anti-inflammatory and CoCodamol for pain relief.

More recently I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and put on Warfarin. This was said to be dangerously incompatible with the Voltarol so I had to come off that. The result was that I became extremely stiff to the point of becoming near-crippled. The CoCodamol did nothing for the stiffness. I have since had a cardioversion and the Atrial Fibrillation has not returned after six weeks although the cardiologist says it could do at any time.

The Cardiologist says that Voltrol will have increased my blood pressure (which has always been on the high side) and increased my risk of stroke. He wants me to continue with Warfarin for ever although I pleaded with him to suggest an alternative treatment regime so that I could take some anti-infammatory for the stiffness.

I understand thatI cannot return to Voltarol if it will affect my blood pressure (there was no mention of this risk in the information sheet packed with the pills). However Asprin is sometimes suggested as a treatment for heart/stroke problems. As Asprin is also an anti-inflammatory I wonder if it could provide a treatment regime for both the arthritic problems and the heart problem?

I cannot be the only person in the world with both arthritis and heart problems. Please could you advise possible courses of treatment. I have looked on your website but can find nothing of relevance. I am seeing my GP tomorrow (Wednesday).


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    Hello I believe my colleague has responded to you via email.

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