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hi i am after picking everyones brains tonight. My GP prescribed me diclofenac(volterol) which I intially only took when I really needed to for the pain. I have a history of gastitis caused by high doses of oral steroids. My physio however wanted me to take it 3 times a day more so for its anti inflammatory effect which has helped with my stiffness, until I see the rheumatlogist in a few weeks as this is the first step they would usually take and then i can say well I have already tried that. i have also been taking the prescribed omeprazole to protect my stomach but I have been getting awful epigstric pain for the last 3 days and am now to uncomfortable to take more volterol. I also cant take coedine as I have colitis and this causes lots of problems for me after just a handful of doses. Is there something else I can take to reduce the inflammation that isnt a gastric irritant. Paracetamol does little to help me! any help would be appreciated thanks xxx


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    Not sure if this is exactly what you mean but have you tried lanzoprazol, don't know if it may work better than the omeprazole..?
    If it's a different anti inflammatory you are after I was on nabumatone for many years without any problems..
    Hope that is of a little bit of help at least...

    Hope you find a solution..
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    You need to speak to your gp or pharmacist really. Your gp can raise the dose of your omeprazole (if you aren't already on the maximum dose). You can get slow release diclofenac, so you are only taking one a day. Have you made sure that you ask for the enteric coated tabs?

    Otherwise its the creams and gels, which is great unless you have polyarthritis!

    Painkillers wise, you have other options such as tramadol, which isnt codeine based..

    Hope you find something that works!
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    Make sure you take the stomach protector on an empty stomach...and the antiinflam...with food...I had to come off them because of kidney probs, they did make a big difference to my pain.
    Good luck with them
    Barbara x
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    I think you need to go back to your GP or perhaps ask the pharmacist. We do not know your medical history (and neither does a physio, really) and we are not doctors (tho sometimes I think we know more than them!) If you are experiencing high levels of discomfort then stop taking the meds and talk to someone. Physios surely should not be recommending meds dosage levels. That seems wrong to me. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Spacey,

    you need something a lot better than omeprazole..... i know cus I was on that one and its horrible and i still got the ulcers......

    Diclo's are very good ( if they agree with you) but if you are prowned to gastro trouble then you need at least lansoprazole which are stronger and actually better... they are however more expensive hence most get omeprazole..... I just don't rate them especially now they have got so cheap... Mods and jean am I allowed to say that?

    You should really go back to the doc and get those changed as well as maybe just check there isn't something going on. Cris x