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Hi I came across this site and think that it is really, really good. I am 54 (on Friday) and have OA/spondylosis. Currently off work with a very bad flare up. My employers are not very sympathetic and as this is my third period sick in 6 months I think that they will soon be telling me that I am not competent for the job. I am currently receiving SSP and have been advised to claim for DLA although I am told that it is very difficult to get, I have sent for the forms anyway. I hope that I can meet some new "friends" here as I live alone and when I am in flare up dont get out and about.


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    Evening hun, hope that you are ok tonight, or should I say this morning :shock: :lol:
    This is a great forum, especially when you are laid up or stuck indoors as I was first two weeks of the year :roll: :lol:
    The living with section is great for advice on all things arthur related, workin with section is self explanitory and the chit chat forum is a great place for a natter and a virtual cuppa and slice of cake in Val's Cafe..

    Be well....

    And welcome from me :grin:
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    Thanks Tony
    Yes I have started to find my way around the site, it will be good to gain advice and tips and see how others get on. I will definately, be coming on on a regular basis to catchup with all things new

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    Hello caterina57, how are you today? Welcome to the forums, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I have a different form of this pestilence but the forum is a wonderful place for info and support, I am sure you will find that for yourself! I hope to see your name here and there, jump in on any conversation, new voices and experiences are always good. I wish you well. DD
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    Thanks everyone, I can already see that I am going to receive lots of support through this site. I am currently off work - yesterday was signed off for another 2 weeks and next week have an appt for a physio assessment ( been there before and was told they couldn't really help) My employers are currently "seeking advice" I am a carer/ care coordinator for a dom care company who expect long hours 7 days a week. At the moment there is no way that I can do the personal care and lifting hoisting etc and would struggle to do the office element sat in front of a computer for hours on end . In fact some days could do with a carer myself! ha,ha. will keep you all updated with what happens.

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    Hi Caterina,

    How are you today..?
    Just read your post and can say i am in the same situation as you at work and am currently on long term sick..
    Feel free to pm me to talk about it if you like,
    Wish you well and welcome to the forum..
    Take care