Hip replacement

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Hi all
Thinking on...and waiting for confirmation date.
Has anyone had a replacement with the metal and polythene/plastic.?
( forgot the correct wording)!!!

I am still active and wondered how much and what sort of activity could you do after recovery, and how long before you returned to walking and what distance could you cover??
I thought I read somewhere you could only walk 3 miles in one go,!!! Is that correct???
I realise I will be able to ask the physio's and ortho again , but am just wondering, as you do LOL !!!!!

Always appreciate your replies.


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    Hi kate
    no advice sorry but i can understand your concern.
    Just want to say good luck with your operation and hope that it makes life a lot easier for you.
    Hope you are not waiting for the date too long.
    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    Hi Kate,

    A lot of us have had the titanium/polyethylene replacements. Mine were knee replacements.

    In an answer to your questions we all differ. It will depend on your age and how well you heal and most importantly if you do the exercises set by your physiotherapist post op.

    I'm sure others will come along with more satisfactory answers and who have had hip replacements already. :grin:
    Love, Legs x
    'Make a life out of what you have, not what you're missing'
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    Hi Kate

    Just calling in to say welcome. You are a bit ahead of me as I am still delaying mine, but I'm sure the very helpful peeps on here who have had hips replaced will see you soon and offer more practical advice and support. I have been grateful for all their posts as it does help to have as much info as possible. I guess all recoveries are different but I'm sure it will help that you are still active and fit pre op. so I hope all goes well for you and that you are not kept waiting too long for a date.
    take care
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    Thank you all so much......

    Hopefully, as in my other post back in December,and having seen Ortho last week, they said they will ring me this week with hopefully a date in March!! and have also put me on a short list, so fingers crossed...
    I am sure none of us WANT operations, but in the end needs must!!!!

    Will keep you posted.
    Take care
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    Only three miles? I wonder why? It's not as tho it's going to crumble under the strain - perhaps one can manage five miles on the flat. Surely the whole point of the operation is to make things better and give you a new lease of life. I am deeply, deeply envious and I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi Kate,

    O haven't had a replacement of any kind cus what I need replacing they can't do... hey be a guinea pig for a new back or neck any day :lol: made of anything really :lol::lol:

    Flower all I can say is as ever, legs is right . it does all depend on that lot and also i genuinely believe your state of mind comes into it.

    I did have big back surgery and i know it was the will to improve that got me going again. The physios said i was up long before i actually was allowed to be :wink:

    You need to believe its worked i think.

    Leaving you hopes they don;t keep you hanging about and a (((( )))). Cris xx
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    Hi Kate,

    I believe the most popular and widely used hip replacement prothesis is the Exeter. It's the one I've got :grin:

    The Exeter Hip Replacement was designed by Professor Robin Ling of the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital, Exeter and Dr Clive Lee of the University of Exeter, circa 1970. (My husband is an alumnus of Exeter Uni, LLB Hons 1964, the same year as we were married, so anything emanating from there is close to our hearts :grin: ) Outcomes beyond 30 years are well established.

    From my own experience the recovery from the op is rapid, the incision scar is only 5" long and the healing process was not impeded by my RA (as apparently can sometimes be the case)

    The surgeon tells me I can now go skiing and surfing but he doesn't recommend sky diving or squash :lol:

    It's most important to do the post op exercises and the only caveat I would impress on peeps is don't put it off if you've an op date already. The new NHS reforms have made a complete horlicks of waiting lists and patients could now wait years to be slotted in.

    All the best, I don't think you'll regret it :smile:

    Cherry x
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    Hi all
    Thanks again, very grateful...

    Yep!!! I am a positive person, so'up and at em' lets get it going.

    Thats good news that I should be back almost, as I was before we started all this..
    The excercises not a problem as I do keep fit and of course built in a few extra from the leaflet.I just want to get back cycling soon!!!!!!!

    I know the back and neck are a pain(scues the pun).but Chiro helps with that and is just bearable.

    As I said earlier will keep you posted.
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    I had my THR here in Spain at the end of September I can't believe the difference it has made to my life before the op from the lounge to the bedroom agony.Now last Sunday 2 hours walking around a huge Sunday Market Easy!! Uncomfortable for a few weeks but then better and better.No general anaesthetic so very quick post op recovery.Go for it :grin::grin::grin:
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    Welldone, keep it going.
    Yep, am having spinal injection, as this will not increase the asthma.So am looking forward to getting done and starting the excercises again after OP, to get me up and running!!!!!!
    Everyones good vibes, make me want it done NOW!!LOL!!!!!!
    Take care
    Whoopee, Date for OP......21st March but maybe earlier as on short list..