Computer games ease pain

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I’ve only just read this on the BBC News website (On right. 2nd down in ‘Features & Analysis’, the ‘Escape from Pain’ article) but it seems they’ve devised a specific computer game in Seattle to help burns patients cope with severe pain.

It says ‘The aim of the game is "to make a very attention grabbing experience for the patient and basically to give them a place to escape from their pain"’

This does ring a bell with me as I found, after my last knee replacement, that I could get away with far fewer painkillers just by immersing myself in free online computer games (I never normally use them) which kept my mind focused even when I couldn’t get about much or concentrate on books.

I pass it on in the hope it might help.
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    I do try and occupy my mind when i'm in alot of pain..

    If it's in my hands i struggle to find something to occupy myself without using my hands...

    If it's somewhere else though i tend to play online games such as scrabble.. get my mind thinking of something else...

    It's all about refocusing your attention... i think??? :???:
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    It's distraction, pure and simple, and games will probably be more involving than trying to watch the telly or reading a book. I wonder if that will be mentioned on the documentary tonight? They mentioned new research on the blurb somewhere, I think (concentration span shot to bits at the mo, I think my name is Daisy but I hae me doots!) I might give 'em a go, stickywicket, I have yet to try one! DD
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