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Hi all, was just wondering if anyone has osteo arthritis and has done the Atkins diet and what affect it had on their joints? Thinking about doing it for a short while, maybe for about 8 weeks to kick start a diet


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    Hi lyn

    is this the high protein one? If it is then I am not sure there would be a you see a doctor or rheumy nurse regularly enough to check to be on the safe side? Or even the pharmacist?

    On the whole they want us to keep as light as we can don't they?


    toni xx
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    Hi Lynn

    I do know people who have used it short term and had good results, but with any diet I think it best to ask your GP first, especially if you have other conditions as we do. I think they would recommend keeping all food groups and just cutting down on portions. All restrictive diets do have some drawbacks and all that meat and no spuds or pasta wouldn't do for me! :roll: I hope you do find something to kick start things for you.
    take care


    ps Toni it wouldn't do for you love, not that I am suggesting you need it. All that meat and you a vegetarian! :lol:

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